Austin Education Access provides information about preschool education. Children learn essential skills in preschool that set a foundation for learning. It is vital to select a preschool that will meet the personal needs of your child.

Preschool Education

Preschool education is provided for children three to four years of age. Most preschool programs maintain a half-day schedule in the morning or afternoon.

Preschool Curriculum

A preschool curriculum teaches students a variety of skills to prepare children for kindergarten.

What should be in a preschool curriculum?

Letters and Numbers

Children in preschool learn letters and numbers in a fun and interactive environment. Students learn how to speak and write the letters of the alphabet. Preschool programs also teach children how to speak and write numbers.

Shapes and Colors

Preschoolers complete hands-on projects to learn about colors and shapes.

Coloring and Drawing

Coloring and drawing help students develop excellent motor skills. Children learn to focus and use creativity during these fun activities.

Cutting and Gluing

Cutting and gluing projects help children develop a variety of skills. The use of scissors requires visual perception and coordination. Cutting also promotes finger dexterity and strengthens hand muscles. Gluing is an excellent way for preschoolers to learn about self-regulation.

Socialization Skills

Preschool provides a safe environment for students to develop social skills. Children learn how to communicate with each other during fun activities. Students also learn to take turns and cooperate with others. Preschool is often the first place children develop friendships.

Preschool Recommendations

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